Support for Health Professionals

Recruit. Retain. Relationship. Rural communities offer real advantages in health care practice opportunities.

The West Texas AHEC is committed to providing support to health care practitioners in rural and underserved areas. We assist communities to enhance their capacity to attract new health care professional and retain them once they are in place. We also link health care professionals, especially new graduates, to opportunities in rural communities.

As part of our retention efforts, we assist health care professionals with access to continuing education (CE) and professional development opportunities. We also provide career information to adults

Support activities include

  • Surveying health care professionals and facilities to determine continuing education needs
  • Organizing continuing education programs to meet identified needs
  • Promoting and assisting with the continuing education events sponsored by our affiliated partners
  • Providing information to rural and underserved health professionals about available resources
  • Hosting HealthMATCH, a regional recruitment forum for rural communities and primary care medical residents and mid-level health professions students at TTUHSC
  • Promoting HealthFIND, the recruitment fair held by the state Office of Rural Community Affairs