Katie Miller
Katie Miller  
Center Director
Office Phone: 432-685-4795

Bella Velazquez  
Community Based Educator
Office Phone: 432-685-4797

Lovelia Gomez  
Secretary/Community Liaison
Office Phone: 432-685-4794

Permian Basin AHEC

3600 N Garfield, TC 140
Midland, TX 79705

Our office is located in the heart of the Permian Basin at Midland College, in Midland, Texas. We cover a 27 county area in West Texas; promoting & educating students regarding healthcare careers; working with healthcare professionals by providing continuing education opportunities & coordinating clinical to rotations for healthcare students; and working with community healthcare providers & local organizations to address healthcare issues especially in regard to rural and undeserved communities.

Our Mission

To address the healthcare provider shortage; and improve healthcare access in West Texas, through education and development of the healthcare workforce.


Heath Careers Presentations
Introduce youth (8 – 12th grades) to health careers with special emphasis on rural and underserved communities. Students receive information about health careers through presentations and interactive formats. Facilitate the Texas H.O.T. Jobs resource platform; the only comprehensive resource about healthcare opportunities for career seekers in Texas (

Jr. Scholars
Facilitate rural clinical training experiences for healthcare professions students by placing them in clinical settings covering medicine, nursing, pharmacy and allied health. Students are placed in rural and undeserved West Texas communities to strengthen their education by directly participating in hands-on rural experiences. Healthcare professionals throughout West Texas serve as community-based preceptors.

Midland Memorial Hospital Observation Program
Midland Memorial Hospital teamed up with PBAHEC, to allow students to observe health career professionals of their choice. Students in the program also volunteer in their community, and receive training under the supervision of hospital staff and AHEC coordinators. This is a program we plan to offer to other healthcare organizations in rural, West Texas. If you are interested, please contact us today!

AHEC Scholars Program
The AHEC Scholars Program is an at your own pace, 40-hour online didactic, as well as a 40-hour observation experience in a rural/underserved area. If all requirements are completed within the 10-month deadline, Scholars could earn up to $800 per year, up to two years.

Community Health Worker
CHW training is available through our program. Participants must complete 160 hours of instruction to receive the Texas State certification.

Health Match (Job Fair)
AHEC works to provide a platform where local vendors and healthcare students can come together and see what job opportunities for employment are available within the West Texas community.


Dianne Yeager
CEO at Crane Memorial Hospital
1310 South Alford Street
Crane, TX 79731
Office 432-558-3555

Elesea Villegas, MPAS, PA-C
Director of Clinical Education
Physician Assistant Program
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
3600 N. Garfield
Midland, TX 79705
Office 432-620-1120

Jeannessa L. Berry, B.B.S.
Center for Advancing Professional Excellence
CAPE Administrative Assistant
Midland Memorial Hospital
400 Rosalind Redfern Grover Pkwy
Midland, Texas 79701
Office 432-221-1792

Jennifer Hale BSN, RN
Infection Control/Cardiac Rehab/Education/Employee Health
Mitchell County Hospital
997 I-20
Colorado City, Texas 79512
Office 325-728-3431 ext 7182

Permian Basin PA Society