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What is the Double T Health Service Corps about?

The Double T Health Service Corps is an organization on a mission: "To make a difference." The organization is open to all students on the Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center campuses, catering to a unique blend of pre-health and current health profession students. Members have the opportunity to engage and network with classmates from both campuses and a variety of health profession majors.

The Double T Health Service Corps takes an active role in improving, shaping and supporting the local West Texas community. Members participate in a variety of events and service projects through the year. These events provide members an opportunity to apply skills they have learned in the classroom to the real world, while honoring their skills in leadership, communication and teamwork. The organization strives to facilitate health education and mentor health career development, while working in a service learning environment.

The Service Leadership Team for the Corps has identified four priority areas for members to develop projects that improve community health:

  • Facilitating health education/health promotion
  • Mentoring youth/health career development
  • Addressing health disparities in underserved populations
  • Improving communities

Whether you want to get involved with helping a specific community organization or develop a new community project from start to finish, the Double T Health Service Corps is the place to get involved. For more information, contact Frances Quintero 806.743.2591

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